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Used Vehicle Selling Service

The Safe Way to Sell in the Big Easy

Selling a car on your own can be a tedious task. Let Car City Autoplex handle it for you! We'll take care of everything for you and get top dollar with our proven and highly rated Vehicle Selling Service!

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Call Car City Autoplex: (504) 304-0094 Don’t put yourself in nefarious situations by selling your vehicle on your own! Don’t take a beating on a trade in from the new car dealership! Consign your vehicle to CAR CITY AUTOPLEX and let us do all the work while you make more money.
Selling your vehicle through Car City Autoplex's consignment Used Vehicle Selling Service is a quick and painless way to free up extra space in your driveway! No more sorting through endless emails, texts and calls, or booking time out of your busy schedule for potential buyers that most of the time never shows up. We take care of everything for you! All you have to do to start the consignment process is to bring your vehicle in for a pre-sale inspection. We will discuss any problems or needed repairs, and an acceptable market selling price. After that, we only need your vehicle's current registration and insurance card, a completed Used Vehicle Selling Agreement, your vehicle, and the Prep Fee of $199 so we can get a professional detail and professional mechanical/safety inspection. After inspection and detailing we will take pictures and advertise it across our nationwide advertising platforms to get your vehicle SOLD as fast as possible!

Our Used Vehicle Selling Service does this for you:
  • Safest Way to Sell
  • We offer Financing for Potential Buyers
  • Professional Detail and Mechanical/ Safety Inspection
  • Advertise Your Vehicle Across High Traffic Multiple Marketing Platforms
  • Get Near Retail Instead of Near Wholesale from Trading Vehicle In to Dealership
  • Contacting and Following Up with Potential Buyers
  • Administer the Sale and Paperwork with Selling Your Vehicle
  • Sell Your Vehicle with a 6 Month Warranty
  • We Take All the Pictures then Import them Online
  • Vehicle is in a Secured Location
  • Supplied Marketing Material
  • Use Sale Amount to Reduce Taxes on Newly Purchased Vehicle
  • Saves You Time
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the selling price determined?
    During the initial pre-sale inspection, our marketing expert will consult several different sources to work out a fair and agreeable selling price for your vehicle. Market trends are a huge factor ~ If you're too high, the car won’t sell; if you’re too low, you'll lose money. We'll help you to determine the best possible asking price.

    Will professional detailing increase the value of my car?
    The short answer is YES. Would you want to buy a car filled with someone else's mess? Of course not. All you have to do is make sure your personal belongings are removed from the vehicle and we will handle the rest for you.

    Will my car be safe while at your facility?
    Yes! We ride along with all potential buyers to make sure your vehicle is not just taken out for a joy ride. In addition to your vehicle's insurance, which covers your car while here, we are fully insured for theft, fire, vandalism, etc. as well.

    Why do I have to keep valid registration and insurance on my vehicle while at your location?
    Consigning your vehicle with us does not mean it belongs to us. During consignment, the vehicle is still owned by you, not us; therefore, your registration and insurance must remain valid and with the car until it is sold or returned

    Where will you advertise my car?
    Your vehicle will be listed on numerous websites to ensure maximum exposure. Sites such as, but not limited too, Cargurus, AutoTrader, Cars.com, Craigslist, and Facebook Market Place.

    What if my vehicle doesn’t sell within 120 days? Then a new agreement will need to be agreed upon and signed.

    Ready to get started?
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